Les Chanteuses

Les Chanteuses is a non-auditioned choir which is open to all  treble voice students. No previous choral experience is necessary. The ensemble  performs various choral literature in three concerts per year. Students will sing many  different styles of music throughout the year with a primary focus on standard concert  literature and basic choral musicianship. The curriculum content includes learning  vocal production skills, basic music theory concepts and music history. Students will  learn melodic, harmonic and rhythmic sight-reading skills. Students in this group also  can serve as part of the PHS Tech Crew. 


Shyann Bieneman
Tracia Cook
Ella Dornfeld
Kennedy Griggs
Elaine Hemmert
Jaslyne Riley
Hannah Smith


Cheyanne Abke
Lila Barnes
Sydney Davee
Magdeline Freeman-Svrcek
Sylvia Livengood
Molly McIlrath
Lillian Miller
Isbah Shahid

*Denotes Indiana All State Honor Choir Participant

Soprano 2

Jocelyn Avilez
*Madeline Drayton
Olivia Carrico
Grace Estes
Aubree Gibbs
Kelly Grimes
Poet Kenworthy
Emma Moon
Abigail Truax

Alto 2

Lilah Barnes
Gabriella Hines
Maggie Freeman-Svrcek
Charity Gilespie
Sydney Kelso
Sidney Parks
Ellie Whitehead
Sydney Wood