How To Join

Welcome to Plainfield High School.

I am the choir teacher this year and I wanted to introduce myself to you and invite your student to be part of our ever growing team being part of our fantastic, fun and excellent choir family. As part of PHS your student has a brand new opportunity to get connected with friends, have fun and be part of something exciting and excellent.  There is a choir that can fit every student’s schedule. No experience needed

If you want to learn a little bit more about me and what choir is at PHS, check out the video link below!


I am flexible and have worked with students who have about every possible schedule and conflict imaginable. I have worked with 3 sport athletes and as a previous coach, I understand working with student athletes.   There are no conflicts!   ******Yes, your can do sports, band, guard, etc and be in a choir!*****


  • Flexible with schedules, academics, SPORTS, etc.  

  • Family Atmosphere – FRIENDS!!!!

  • Over 175 students!

  • Competitions!!!

  • Choir represents students who have jobs, participate in sports, Band, clubs such as, Drama, BPA, church, dance, cheer, and more. Yes, you can do these and be in choir!

  • Tour and Trips

  • Goal oriented, high energy, EXCELLENCE

  • Little or No Homework

  • Get a Fine Arts Credit for your honors diploma.  Why not get it while doing something fun!

  • Parties

  • PE opt-out credit for participation in a show choir!

The benefits of being in choir include much more than singing and musical knowledge.  Students will have opportunities to experience excellence, fun, and the opportunity, to learn leadership skills, to make new friends, both at PHS and everywhere we go. They will learn valuable life skills, to shine in a way you never thought possible, and to be a part of a team. 

Check out these videos or pictures of our different choir

Varsity Groups:

JV Group

Nouvelles — Grand Champions start at 18:34 –   

Beginning Groups

Les Chanteuses – Women’s Concert Choir –

Men’s Chorus


Things to remember:

  1. Show choir members can earn a PE opt out credit

  2. If you are getting an honors diploma you will need two fine arts credits.

  3. Choir members get the opportunity to compete and travel and to make friends!

  4. No previous experience needed to join

  5. No conflicts with athletic schedules – choir is a class!

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